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Established in 2014, Grindle and Cole Real Estate Services is a family-based agency serving Lake Lanier and the surrounding areas. While the group has experienced growth in recent years, the owners have yet to invest in marketing efforts that would help expand the company’s reach. To address such an opportunity at Grindle and Cole, this proposal offers suggestions based on the agency’s requests for a detailed plan of growth. The agents have stated they wish to target their past clients and farming neighborhoods rather than market to new areas, and they have also expressed a desire for initiatives that can be carried out on a tight schedule and in a cost-efficient manner. Based on these objectives, this plan provides suggestions for marketing that meet the stated needs of the agency while still encouraging growth for the company. It offers a three-part solution: first, customer relationship management software is recommended to provide a database solution for client information and improve communication between the company and potential customers; second, the plan proposes that Grindle and Cole initiate digital marketing strategies such as increasing their social media presence and creating a drip email campaign; and lastly, print marketing strategies from door hangers to handwritten notes are suggested to expand communication with clients. The intent of this document is to encourage Grindle and Cole to invest in several of these strategies as a way to promote growth and lead to an increase in both the number of clients and sales within the company.


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19 Jul 2022
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