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A variety of supplements can be used as exercise stimulants and weight gain. This study used Trichoplusia ni caterpillars to test the effects of these supplements on growth. We hypothesized that adding protein would make the caterpillars larger while DMAA (1,3 Dimethylamine, a common stimulant), would increase length and mass. Caterpillars we reared on three diets, one with whey protein, one with DMAA, and a control diet, until they pupated. Pupae size was compared between both supplements and the control diet. The larvae that were fed whey protein were larger than the control group. This suggests that diets supplemented with larger amounts of protein have a greater effect on size than diets with smaller amounts of protein. The caterpillars that were given the DMAA were longer but they weighed less. This suggests that DMAA cause an increase in metabolism and burned more fat. This shows that different types of work out supplements have different effects. Further research could include similar supplements to see if our results are consistent.


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  • Event location
    • Robinson Ballroom

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    • 21 March 2012

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    18 July 2022

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      Dr. Evan Lampert