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Most students in their grade school career have learned about Dolly the cloned sheep. While this process was a scientific endeavor, would cloning humans be for the same purpose as Dolly or for personal gain? Whatever the answer may be, most people have their own agenda behind their acts of human cloning which range from a variety of desires. The most common begin with trying to suffice with personal loss to attempting to advance science. Every reasoning is different, but both rely on this process to accomplish their goals. My research will include many academic journals, films, and literature to explain the current society’s interests in pursuing human cloning to suffice personal loss.

In my presentation, I will be focusing on the scientific process of cloning, and different case studies about this topic. Human cloning appeals to those who want to have eternal life as well as an eternal life for a loved one, save a dying person, and bring someone back from the dead.This topic contributes to the presentation because it introduces the process of cloning, and shows how personal gain is more popular amongst today’s society than furthering our knowledge on the limits of cloning. I hope to appeal to the audience that does not know much about cloning, but also to activists who have a desire to make cloning legal, which includes the general public.


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