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Everybody has their own personal opinion of how the world around them should be, or an opinion of what they think about society. Every time period focuses on certain passions of civilization and the literary trends of that time fall in suit. The movement or time period of literature that we are currently in is considered to be ‘postmodernism’. This includes literary characteristics such as metafiction, temporal distortion, magical realism, and faction. David Foster Wallace, a postmodernist author, was not a writer who by chance produced amazing work. He knew he wanted to be an incredible writer that people took seriously, and that’s exactly what he did. In his book, “Girl With Curious Hair”, and other works of literature, Wallace used a series of short stories as a way for him to portray how he saw society and his views on postmodern literature. In this particular book, he uses a variety of different styles and methods to construct the 11 different short stories. It is no secret that the book as a whole was written with a mind-bending point of view. In wanting to be seen as an individual, Wallace breaks the rules in all aspects of the word. Reading a piece by David Foster Wallace is truly an experience of stepping into the mind of a genius.


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