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Higher education policymakers throughout the United States continue to urge states to expedite students’ college completion as part of the 21st century thrust toward higher education relevancy. The University System of Georgia’s Nexus degree in Film and Video Production is one of the emerging variants of credentialed degree programs and delivery systems under development within higher education. The purpose of this qualitative study was to explore the Nexus degree in Film and Video Production as it fits into the broader higher education trend of non-traditional credentials and certifications that expedite a pathway to degree completion, student success, and programmatic goal achievement. This case study employed interviews, observations, and document analysis to examine faculty’s, administrators’, and other principals’ perceptions of the new Nexus degree. Using historic data such as news and public relations articles, program briefs, accreditation documents, meeting minutes, curricula and course descriptions, and credentialing data, this study considered the Nexus degree as an experiential pathway to degree completion under the lens of Clayton Christenson’s theory of innovation. Results of this study demonstrate that the Nexus degree—more legitimate than most stand-alone certificates—backed by a university system and by extension its accrediting body can prove viable and recognized, and with some collaborative effort, educational sectors may see more of them emerge, perhaps in various iterations.


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