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The Vanguard, the student-run news organization of the University of North Georgia, is nontraditional in that it functions as both a class and a club. While class members meet twice each week in a traditional setting, club members are encouraged but not required to attend in person. The online platforms Slack and Google Docs are used exclusively to complete classwork and story assignments. These tools, when used in and out of the classroom, bridge the gap between faculty, students in the class, and members of the club.

Slack is a group-chat application that serves as a virtual workspace. Through different channels, users can engage in both public and private discussions, collaborate on assignments, and share files — at any time of day or night. Google Docs is a word processor that allows users to collaborate on documents in real-time. It helps students to be more involved with the writing process by providing instant access to edits, comments, and rewritten work. Using Slack and Google Docs in an educational setting creates a significant learning experience by enhancing social connections and engaging students more fully.

The purpose of this in-process project is to explore the educational benefits of using Google Docs and Slack to enhance learning experiences in News Production I (JOUR 2000) and News Production II (JOUR 3000) and as members of the Vanguard. While this project focuses on learning outcomes in journalism, its aim is to contextualize the significance of emerging collaborative digital tools and show how.these platforms can be implemented in multiple disciplines.


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    • Nesbitt 3104

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    • 3 November 2018

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    19 July 2022