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Joseph Oppong is a Professor of Geography and Associate Dean for Research at the University of North Texas, where he has been teaching and doing research since 1992. He is also adjunct Professor of Environmental Health at the University of North Texas Health Sciences Center in Fort Worth. Dr. Oppong’s research centers on the geography of disease and health services and seeks to answer the question: who is getting what disease and health services where and why? Previous research topics include HIV/AIDS in Africa and Texas, Buruli Ulcer in Ghana and Tuberculosis in Tarrant County. A native of Ghana, Dr. Oppong has a BA in Geography from the University of Ghana and Masters and PhD degrees from the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada. He has served as Chair of the Medical and Health Geography Specialty Group and also the Africa Specialty Group of the Association of American Geographers. Dr. Oppong served as a Steering Committee Member and the US Representative to the International Geographers Union (IGU) Commission on Health and Environment (CHE) from 2004-2012. His current research focuses on disease mapping and simulating geographic patterns of communicable disease spread.


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    • 2 April 2015

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    18 July 2022