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The Blue Ridge Scholars program is a cohort-based service-learning opportunity that allows for a small group of students to take many, if not all, of their first-year general education courses together. The design of the Blue Ridge Scholars program is to connect core courses in mathematics, political science, psychological sciences, English, and philosophy into a common theme that has a particular importance to the region.

Beginning in Fall 2016, the inaugural Blue Ridge Scholars cohort has maintained an active role in changing the community by attempting to identify potential solutions with regard to substance abuse. Our small group of thirteen has sought to make a positive difference in Fannin County. We have written several investigative papers to better understand and explain substance abuse through history and place. We have also collected survey data from the Fannin County High School which we applied in a statistics project. In November 2016, we volunteered at a Teen Maze, facilitated and organized by Fannin County Family Connections, in order to inform high school freshmen about the dangers of drunk driving and drug use, as well as consequences associated with teenage pregnancy. As we continue through the spring semester, we will return to Fannin County High School so that each student in the cohort can give special attention to the students in each homeroom. As the semester advances, we will attempt to innovate new ways for our cohort to actively engage with Fannin County.


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    • Library Technology Center 3rd Floor Common Area

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    • 24 March 2017

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    19 July 2022

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