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Because much attention has been paid to Artificial Intelligence (AI) use and adoption in the workplace, human resource managers and practitioners have asked the questions about whether AI can eventually take over human intelligence and if there is a clear “winner” in the workplace. At the same time, many researchers have attempted to address the similar issue about whether AI, relative to humans, is much beneficial to the overall workplace. Documenting the current knowledge in the literature will assist both researchers and employers in decide which resource (AI vs. human) would be the most valuable and productive when it comes to their organization. Thus, the purpose of this research is to review and summarize the current literature on AI in the workplace in the hope of answering two questions about whether (1) does one of these options (AI vs. human) clearly outweigh the other? and (2) is the outcome dependent strictly on the industry being analyzed? With a literature review on the effects of AI in the workplace, this research will seek to determine whether and how specific industries are affected by the rapid growth of AI, which industries can improve their productivity using AI, and which industries are better off sticking with their human resources. Future research directions and implications will be discussed.


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  • Alternative title
    • Man vs Machine in the workplace

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    • University of Norh Georgia
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      • Management & Marketing

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      • Organizational Behavior (class)

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      • Dahlonega

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      • University of North Georgia

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      17 February 2023

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