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Purpose: The purpose of the research throughout this study was to examine Trump’s tweets during the first six months he was in office. Due to Trump using Twitter as his main form of communication it is important for journalists and individuals to follow his tweets.

Research Questions: The analysis covers how many times people shared positive or negative tweets and if people shared more issue based tweets. This study emphasizes President Trump’s most popular tweets and how people responded to his first six months on Twitter.

Method: The tweets were coded with a key using content analysis to narrow down the data. The data shows the quantity of retweets and favorites for positive, negative and neutral toned tweets. The study breaks down the top five issues by month and finds the correlations between retweets vs negative tweets, retweets vs positive tweets, favorites vs negative tweets, and favorites vs positive tweets.

Results: The data shows that each month President Trump had tweets highlighting different political issues. The research focuses on the top five issues Trump mentions, which are healthcare, immigration, employment, russia, and the media.


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