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Behavior Responses in the Inclusion Setting

Many general education teachers in public schools are experiencing behavior issues within inclusion classrooms. General education teachers tend to struggle with responding to disciplinary issues when teaching students with disabilities. The purpose of this article is to observe two different general education teachers, both teaching in an inclusion social studies setting at the high school level, and how they respond to disciplinary issues within their classroom. Data were collected from two different social studies classrooms, one US History classroom with 11thgraders and one Economics classrooms with 12thgraders. In the US History classroom there are four services receiving services, and in the Economics classroom there are six students receiving services. We are predicting the two general education teachers will react in different manners to correct misbehavior. Our data will be collected through observational notes on how the general education teacher’s response to behavior issues within their classroom. These notes will be taken during placement hours, paying close attention to how they handle behavior issues with students with disabilities or with a 504 Plan. Through observation, the researches want to observe how the general education teachers respond to disciplinary issues, but also note if the way they respond corrects the students’ actions. We will do so by collecting data over several days to see if the students’ behavior is reoccurring.


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