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Abstract This research project will measure how teacher and student interaction affects the climate of a classroom. Initially, the researcher will observe and record the teacher’s method of pre-correction, correction, and redirection in the classroom. The second focus will be on one particular student’s reaction to the teacher’s pre-correction, correction, and redirection as observed. The final focus will be on how the teacher’s method does or does not incorporate positive behavioral intervention strategies (PBIS) into the classroom. The researcher will use anecdotal recordings to measure the data. An objective summary in the form of a paragraph will detail the finding of how the teachers pre-correction, correction, and redirection align with PBIS, and what effect these have on the student being monitored. The observation will be recorded and focused on the interactions and how they positively or negatively impact the classroom environment. The individual observations will assist the researcher in understanding how to observe and record teacher and student interaction. After completing observations, the investigator will separate positive behavior observations from those that are not. The researcher will include in the summary the elements of positive behavior interventions observed. The researcher will summarize the effects the teacher and student’s interaction has on the classroom climate. After collecting and analyzing the data, the researcher will use the information gathered to offer research-based recommendations based on PBIS.


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    • 3 November 2018

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