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Though most cases of persecution, such as race or religious affiliation, are accepted as cause for refugee status, the validity of sexuality and gender discrimination as grounds upon which to seek asylum remains unclear. Many governments have laws pertaining to the eradication of LGBTQ+ individuals, including Uganda’s anti-homosexuality act of 2014, otherwise known as the “Kill the Gays” bill (Strand 917). Through preliminary research on Uganda’s bill, anti-gay purges in Russia, the denial of homosexuals in Iran, and various other examples, this presentation will highlight the persecution experienced by LGBTQ+ individuals across the globe. Attaining refugee status for LGBTQ+ individuals fleeing persecution is imperative for the UNHCR convention on refugees to remain inclusive and fair. An amendment to this convention is necessary to protect the LGBTQ+ community, as well as to modernize the term “refugee.” In this presentation, I will delve into anti-homosexuality laws of various governments and prove why LGBTQ+ individuals fleeing persecution should qualify for refugee status.


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