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This presentation will include an appropriate analysis of Spanish speaking Latin American studies. Themes to be discussed include: geography, history, cultural identity, economics, international relations. The information to be discussed has been obtained from an extensive Latin America studies certificate course I completed in Cordoba, Argentina. This presentation will also include an overview of my investigative work for the course where I make a comparative analysis that begins with the significance of Cordoba, Argentina in the viticole culture of Argentina, which I expand to encompass and compare the wine economy of Georgia within the academic disciplines of macroeconomics and microeconomics. Wine has defining roles in many cultures dating back millenniums, and why many American societies are so deeply rooted in this product will be explained. Along with research comparing the wine economies of Cordoba and Georgia, this presentation will include investigative reports explaining how cultural identity and perception of wine as science and art affect price.


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19 Jul 2022
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    • Modern & Classical Languages

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    • Dahlonega

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    • Library Technology Center 382

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    • 24 March 2017

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    19 July 2022

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      Dr. Alvaro Torres Calderon