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Davis R Callaway,

Gordon State College, Barnesville, GA 30204

Dr. Janssen,

Oral Presentation, Humanities

My paper, “Schrödinger’s Artist”, explores the connection between an artist and their artwork, using a broad definition of both that encompasses multiple mediums. I explore the historical view that the two are separate, criticism of this now outdated view, and the moral implications of consuming art by problematic artists like Cosby, Weinstein, Lennon, and Picasso to name a few. As far as individuals consuming products behind closed doors, I have no objection.

That said, when public consumption is discussed I feel that some works are simply too tainted by their creators’ actions to be viewed publicly. The works of Kevin Spacey will likely be pulled by Netflix, if they have not been already. Unfortunately, as discussed in my paper, art galleries seem to be a formidable harbor for these troubling artists and their works.

In the end, however, I do not believe that it will be the choice of companies or galleries whether to host these works or not. The social climate that once praised these artists is quickly turning the tables, casting light onto the long-forgotten victims, and calling out not only for the end of careers for the guilty but for a change in how we, as a society, portray the artist. We tend to elevate the artist to a mythic stature that seems beyond the concerns of us mere mortals and our morality. That is changing, these men are being dethroned, and their works are being boycotted.


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