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Effects of Methamphetamines on Mice Spleen

Methamphetamines have been shown to cause many biological and psychological problems in humans. In order to further study the biological damages caused by methamphetamines, C57BL6/J mice were injected daily with either Methamphetamine-HCl or an equal volume of sterile saline (as a control group) [1]. After observation, the mouse spleens that were subject to methamphetamine exposure showed a darker coloration, and after further testing it was determined to be caused by an excess of iron [2]. X-Ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy (XRF) is being used to measure the iron concentration in the spleens of the C57BL6/J mice and determine a correlation between methamphetamine doping and excess iron levels. XRF uses x-ray radiation to excite iron atoms, which subsequently produces characteristic x-rays of iron. The number of these iron characteristic x-rays, which is measured in the XRF system, is proportional to the number of iron atoms in the sample. A calibration curve was constructed using an iron solution standard. The curve was used to determine the amount of iron in the spleen by comparison. In future testing, C57BL6/J spleens with different levels of methamphetamine doping will be tested to determine the correlation between methamphetamine exposure and varied iron levels in the spleen.

[1] Dr. Dansby Sparks. University of North Georgia. August, 2014.

[2] Dr. Ryan Shanks. University of North Georgia. August, 2014.


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