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This research looks at Ginger “Asarum”, Yellow Root “Xanthorhiza simplicissima”, and White Oak “Quercus alba” in Northeast Georgia. Flora has provided health benefits through varying medicinal properties for centuries. Alternative medicine is becoming more main-stream. By collecting data across three ecosystems, grasslands, hard wood, and creek, the density of Ginger, Yellow Root, and White Oak will be recorded. Our research will provide North Georgia natives information on what can be found locally and in which ecosystem. Our team plans to do ten, 50 meter transects. This will be done in three parts across the different ecosystems. Our team predicts that Yellow Root, will be a higher density in the creek environment along the banks. While Ginger and White Oak, will be a higher density in the other environments. We are hoping to support our hypothesis about which flora will be the most abundant within the three ecosystems. A great thanks to our scientific partner, Dr. Bill Lott, and The Thompson Mills Forest Arboretum, for allowing us to use the properties for our data collection. In return we will provide an educational booklet that contains information on the medicinal flora within the local community for the public to read.


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    • 24 March 2017

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    19 July 2022

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      Dr. Evan Lampert