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John Paris White


Vegetation Analysis of Golden-winged Warbler Habitat

The Golden-winged Warbler (Vermivora chrysoptera) population in Georgia has declined to single digits during the last fifty years and is confined to a few acres on Brawley Mountain located in Fannin County. In an attempt to prevent extirpation of the species in Georgia and to promote population growth, a habitat enhancement plan was begun in 2010 and is ongoing. The habitat enhancement involved selective thinning of approximately 400 acres of deciduous forest on Brawley Mountain. To assess suitability of the enhanced habitat for Golden-wings, we conducted a vegetation analysis comparing occupied territories and unoccupied, recently thinned areas. Using the line intercept method, we found significant differences in percent cover of shrub, herbaceous, and tree canopy of the two habitat types. This suggests that the enhanced habitat is currently unsuitable for Golden-wings. However, as ecological succession progresses, the enhanced area may become able to support a growing Golden-winged Warbler population. We plan to continue to track both the Golden-winged Warbler population and the vegetation changes on Brawley Mountain to better understand the temporal nature of this type of habitat and to determine the long-term effectiveness of environmental enhancement.


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    • Open 3rd Floor

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    • 4 April 2013

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    18 July 2022

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      Janice Crook-Hill