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In 2002, the Million Women Study suggested that the use of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) increased the risk of developing breast cancer. This study stirred much controversy as to whether the prescribed medication was truly beneficial of detrimental to the patient’s health. This study aims to further investigate the use of hormone replacement therapy and its incidence of breast cancer in menopausal women. A systematic review of 12 peer reviewed articles was examined; these articles included randomized control trials, summaries of multiple trials, as well as correlational studies. Internet databases including EBSCO Host and Medline Plus were used to complete the research. These studies reviewed several different HRTs, however the majority of these studies show strong statistical risk of developing breast cancer. Given that these therapies are still commonly prescribed, this research hopes to fully inform women of the risks of estrogen and progestin found in HRTs. [Poster]


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    • Library Technology Center 3rd Floor Open Area

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    • 29 March 2012

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    18 July 2022

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      Dianne Nelson