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The State of the Video Game Industry and Potential Implications of Current Business Practices

Stephen J. Friend -

  • Student at South Georgia State University


This study aims to highlight the state of the video game industry by examining “AAA” (triple A) development studios and publishing companies and their business structure along with their implementation of microtransactions and other monetary schemes. The fiscal returnings and statistic quarterly updates provided by, GameRant, and Newzoo show companies such as Ubisoft and Electronic Arts(EA) are making more than 51% of their annual income from microtransactions. In conjunction, the data shows that on average more people are beginning to play video games and in turn, video game companies are making more money. This study aims to better understand the relationship between growing popularity/profitability and possible customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the rise of microtransactions and other monetary schemes. To represent this perception, an analysis and self-report of the opinions on these business structures/systems are necessitated by consumers, relevant business professionals, and current students looking to enter the video game industry. Another analysis will be taken of the psychological and pecuniary income repercussions for consumers pertaining to practices such as microtransactions and other monetary schemes. The findings should highlight consumer satisfaction, or lack thereof, with suggestions of future business structure to create the most business-to-consumer friendly relationship to foster growth and creativity.

Keywords: Microtransactions, Monetary Schemes, Business Structure, Consumer, Psychological, Industry, Popularity, Profitability

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Frank Holiwski, Instructor, Department of Psychology, South Georgia State Univ.


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