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Diabetes is a growing worldwide problem costing billions of dollars globally. The efficacious management of diabetes is a burden that all primary care providers will face, and will include the use of insulin for many patients. A review of the literature reveals that there are a variety of approaches towards the initiation of insulin in individuals with type 2 diabetes. In order to determine prescribers’ practice habits in treating adults with type 2 diabetes in north Georgia, a brief survey was conducted using Survey Monkey. Participants were recruited by postcard and email invitation and were asked questions about how they treat type 2 diabetes and at what point they initiate insulin. Results will be analyzed using SPSS and descriptive statistics. This data may contribute to the growing body of knowledge to influence prescriber behaviors which will ultimately result in better outcomes for patients with type 2 diabetes.


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    • Room 269 Open Classroom

  • Event date
    • 4 April 2013

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    18 July 2022

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      Dr. Marina Slemmons