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A Macroeconomics text that is economically sound, this textbook makes a unique contribution to the field of Macroeconomics. While outlining the basics of Microeconomics and defining the terms that measure aggregate economic outcomes, this textbook moves beyond the traditional Macroeconomics textbook by placing the individual, that is, the student, at the center of analysis. A course based upon this text is likely to provide real value for the curious student.

It also includes such critical Economics topics—that traditional texts usually ignore—as “Supply and Demand,” Public Choice Theory, Alternative Economic Systems, Subjective Value Theory, and Competing Schools of Economic Thought, and Macroeconomic Adjustments (without relying on the overused model of Aggregate Supply and Aggregate Demand). The text enlivens this content with original, narrative stories through which the author introduces chapter topics. These stories are based upon human interaction and serve as effective teaching tools.

Its research and knowledge base relies on the Austrian School of economic thought, one of the most enduring schools of orthodox economic theory. Relying upon the author’s teaching experiences, this textbook uses effective teaching techniques that place the student at the center of the economic analysis. The author shows throughout a deep understanding of economics and human nature. In effect, The Principles of Macroeconomic Literacy is a market-based bona fide macro text.

A print version of this textbook is available for $49.00.

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