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Students encounter new stressors and obstacles in their adjustment to college and this may lead to psychological issues such as generalized anxiety. First-generation college students (FGCS) tend to have higher levels of stress and anxiety than continuing-generation students. There has been limited research on mechanisms used by FCGS to manage their anxiety, including coping strategies and social support. This study will use regression analysis to examine which types of coping strategies and social support moderate the relationship between FGCS’ college adjustment and generalized anxiety. The sample contains 236 participants, comprised of 140 FGCS (59.32%) and 96 continuing-generation students (40.68%), most of whom were White and female. Participants were recruited using a variety of face-to-face and online methods and invited to complete a Qualtrics survey. Our survey contained a total of 80 questions, including demographic items, and questionnaires that measured college adjustment, generalized anxiety, social support, and coping mechanisms. Results are forthcoming, but it is expected that the more problem-focused coping strategies and informational support will emerge as key moderators of the relationship between FCGS’ college adjustment and generalized anxiety. Additionally, we anticipate that the relationship between college adjustment and anxiety among continuing-generation students will be weaker compared to that of FGCS. Findings from this study will benefit FGCS and potentially other students in helping them identify the most effective coping tools and social support to manage their anxiety when adjusting to college.


  1. First-generation college students
  2. Continuing-generation college students
  3. College Stressors
  4. Generalized anxiety disorder
  5. Mental health
  6. Moderators of anxiety
  7. Social support
  8. Coping mechanisms
  9. College adjustment
  10. University life


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    • Psychological Science

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    • Dahlonega

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    • Nesbitt 3110

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    • 25 March 2022

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    20 July 2022

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      Amanda Halliburton