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This chapter examines current issues in education that may impede progress in the field. A variety of external threats are analyzed, including k-12 and university funding and ideological threats in the form of political forces that may attempt to dictate k-12 curriculum. Business and political forces seek to influence university curriculum through monetary gifts and undermine the credibility of education at the university level through sensationalized media coverage and social media attacks. One avenue to address positive change within the field of education is with an increased emphasis on cognitive science. Myths regarding cognition common among educators are examined along with less well-known approaches that are supported by research on cognition. While the field of education can make internal refinements to strengthen students’ outcomes from k-12 through the university level, ultimately the citizens of the United States must make the choice to once again value education as an essential public resource, demand that states fully support it, and protect it from those who would seek to undermine it.


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    • Gainesville

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    • Nova Science Publishers

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    19 July 2022

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      Josh Cuevas is a professor and educational psychologist at the University of North Georgia.

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      Progress in Education vol. 55