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Since the beginning of World War II, particularly throughout several recent decades, many areas of our lives have been influenced by changes which have taken place in the United States, culturally and socially. One specific aspect that has been affected by popular culture and these changes is, what many believe to be the building block of society, marriage. Delving into this subject, I would like to find out if these changes have not only affected marital relationships, but also the view of these relationships. Through this research project, I would like to discover how popular culture and social changes, such as the legalization of gay marriage, the Women’s Movement, and mass media, for example, have changed young adults’ conception of marriage. After discovering how society’s conception of marriage has changed across generations by surveying randomly selected young adults and individuals of previous generations, a trans-historical analysis will be done by tracking and analyzing divorce rates and other factors. In addition, previous sociological studies and experts in the field of sociology will be referenced to provide insight into the effects of significant cultural change on interpersonal relationships such as marriage. By examining the effects of social change on young adults’ conception, we may be able to predict how social structures could potentially be impacted by this change.


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    • Sociology & Human Services

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    • Oconee

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    • Library Technology Center 380

  • Event date
    • 24 March 2017

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    19 July 2022

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      Karen Redding