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The Dangers of Cloning

There have been many debates since the 1800s discussing of the dangers of cloning. Cloning is the process of duplicating genetic material from one organism to create a new organism. There are both scientific and social concerns that play important roles when discussing this topic. Studies have shown throughout the world that there are enormous amounts of risks involved when deciphering if cloning should be legalized. Modern scientist have concluded that cloning in this generation, is still too underdeveloped to attempt on humans, due to the threat of abnormalities and even death. Technology is advancing and may eventually allow all organisms to be cloned. However, there will always be hazards within this field.

In my research, I hope to inform society of potential problems of cloning, discussing the dangers of cloning from the public and scientific perspective. I will achieve this by exploring the media, case studies, literature, academic journals and scientific articles. This will include reports such as The Case against Cloning-to-Produce-Children, The threat of Human Cloning, etcetera. I will discuss the negative aspects of cloning, as well as present a counterclaim expressing the benefits. Cloning is a milestone in scientific field; and I hope my research exemplifies the dangers of such progression.


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