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With the current state of high-stakes testing driving instructional decisions, schools are taking a closer look at how they can support students performing below grade level. Effectively using time has become a top priority, specifically for those schools with a high population of low-achieving students. The majority of students’ time in the classroom is devoted to addressing new standards, leaving little time for remediation, re-teaching, or review needed by struggling learners. As students progress through school, the achievement gap grows, leaving low-achieving students further behind their peers academically. To combat this issue, schools must provide these at-risk students with time for additional practice or supplemental instruction. The current research shows that teachers have a variety of effective options for using CBI to supplement their instruction. This study seeks to identify which type of CBI is the most effective supplemental instruction for elementary students performing below grade level in math. Redbird Mathematics is an adaptive, web-based program that focuses on conceptual understanding and application of math skills. XtraMath is a personalized, web-based program that solely focuses on fact fluency. Using matched-group design, students were assigned to one of the two treatment groups for 6 weeks. Program effectiveness will be determined by measuring student growth from pretest to posttest in the areas of automaticity, concepts and applications, as well as on a Common Core standards benchmark assessment. The Common Core standards benchmark assessment will be used to determine if the skills developed on each individual program generalize to a standardized math assessment.


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    • 23 March 2018

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    19 July 2022

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      Josh Cuevas, Ph.D