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The Vanguard, the student-run news organization of the University of North Georgia, is nontraditional in that it functions as both a class and a club. While class members meet twice each week in a traditional setting, club members are encouraged but not required to attend in person. As the Vanguard makes the delicate transition between faculty advisers, there is an opportunity to improve upon current practices. Despite the uneasiness and confusion that is present during a change to the infrastructure of both the class and the club, incorporating transparency framework into the syllabi for News Production I and II (JOUR2000/3000) and into the guidelines for club members will help ensure student success.

This proposal aims to serve as a guide for the new faculty adviser, giving him or her the opportunity to implement parts or whole sections at his or her discretion. The information I have presented is based on not only research, but also on my two years of experience. I have participated in the Vanguard as both a member of the class and the club. As the editor, I have worked closely with the former adviser and students alike, and because of this, I am uniquely qualified to identify and address issues on both sides. Creating transparent instructional documents for students in the Vanguard class and club will provide structure while increasing student confidence and motivation. Clear instructions and expectations can make a lasting impact in terms of student success in the classroom.


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