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October 11, 2018, Digital Photography

3200 ISO

1/20 shutter speed

f/5.6 aperture

55mm focal length

Nikon d5100, with an 18-55mm zoom lens


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31 Jul 2022
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    • Papers & Publications

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    • 8

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    31 July 2022

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      Christian Boudreaux is a photographer living in Pineville, Louisiana, who worked as the lead photographer for Northwestern State University’s yearbook Potpourri. He gained an interest in photography in 2017 and was hired as the lead photographer in mid-2018. He graduated in the Fall of 2019, with a Bachelor of Arts in Broadcast and Digital Media Production, with a minor in Photography. His photos range from landscape photography to street photography, something he built upon during his time with Potpourri. He always tries to find a more creative approach to photography whenever possible.

      Graduation Date:

      December 2019