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This paper concerning aspects of Hispanic and Latino/a culture and identity in Quebec City, Canada is a result of research conducted during July 2015 while in Quebec City. The province of Quebec undoubtedly has its own culture unique to that of Anglophone Canada, and the research began by finding aspects of Hispanic culture within this culture québécoise (in popular culture, literature, media, etc.) Additionally, a group of six people originally from Latin America were interviewed as to why they chose to immigrate to Quebec City versus Anglophone Canada or the United States, and how they felt their culture was presented in Quebec. The results of this research showed that they felt a stronger cultural bond with the québécois versus those of Anglophone Canada due to: language (similarities between French and Spanish) and cultural identity and solidarity (the persons interviewed expressed sympathy with Quebec for feeling marginalized by Anglophones, as they feel their respective Latin American culture is marginalized by Anglophones as well). Likewise, a group of native Quebec residents were interviewed regarding the presence of Hispanic people and culture in Quebec City, and sentiments of both openness and resistance toward the influx of Latin American immigrants were observed. Overall, this paper attempts to shed light on this (fairly recent) cultural development in Quebec City regarding the new and growing presence of Hispanic culture and the development of Hispanic and Latino/a identity within the city.


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    • 25 March 2016

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    18 July 2022

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      Dr. Elizabeth Combier