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M.H. Alshaya Co. is a widely unknown franchising organization that takes American brand names and replicates them into the Middle East. Their goal is to keep the original businesses as they are, to preserve all the important things that distinguish them in the first place- and in one of its more notable examples, The Cheesecake Factory, Alshaya keeps the food, atmosphere and overall restaurant culture the same. Or at least it appears that way- there are subtle, almost imperceptible changes- but overall the experience is designed to exist the same across the globe. While this process of homogeneity isn’t something that happens overnight, the degree of care Alshaya has taken ensures that every Cheesecake Factory location will offer the same experience.

There are multiple components that go into making this happen. Take globalization: it ensures the entire brand is on the same page with culture and product. Communication’s equally significant- restaurants in different countries can only provide the same experience if someone compares and contrasts the locations, and communicates these qualities to the relevant employees. In addition, performance management ensures each and every employee provides consistently high-quality service. At the end of the day, though, change only happens when decisions are made. The decision making process is something Alshaya employs by making the choices it does, and by simultaneous being efficient and cautious. All these factors converge to make a highly successful franchising business, one that’s found a gold mine in an otherwise meager restaurant locale.


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