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Breast cancer is the most prevalent type of cancer in women today (National Cancer Institute, 2012). Women who inherit a deleterious mutation in BRCA 1 or BRCA 2 have an increased lifetime risk of breast cancer (Howlander et al., 2010). Many research articles have explored treatment methods for women with breast cancer, but few have explored the emotional impact of having genetic testing performed and the emotional toll it can take on an individual while waiting for the result. A review of literature was conducted to explore current research discussing patients’ knowledge regarding genetic testing for the BRCA gene and to examine the question: what is the psychosocial impact of BRCA 1 and BRCA 2 genetic testing in women?

The review revealed that genetic testing is evolving process that involves more than a test and a result. The progression involves decisions about testing and subsequently what to do with the results. Healthcare professionals need to be involved in each step of the patient’s journey and emit a sense of empathy for the emotional challenges that the patient may endure.

Following the literature review a clinical article was submitted to the Psychology and Health for consideration for publication.


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    18 July 2022

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