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The Nationally Competitive Scholarships "Bootcamp" Course is a LEAP Grant-funded course that guides students through the process of applying for nationally competitive scholarships. Students draft application essays, engage with offices, programs, and departments on campus, and explore undergraduate research opportunities. The course encourages students to use LEAP ideas and tools, including creative and critical thinking skills and information literacy. Students will learn more about how to articulate their personal narratives and aspirations. This presentation provides an overview of the course and the course goals.


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  • Subject
    • English

  • Department
    • Nationally Competitive Scholarships/ Center for Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities, Research and Engagement

  • Institution
    • Gainesville

  • Date submitted

    19 July 2022

  • Keywords
  • Additional information
    • Author Biography:

      Dr. Kathryn Quinto Garcia is a Fellowships Advisor in the Nationally Competitive Scholarships Office and Center for Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities at the University of North Georgia. She works with students to guide them through the process of identifying and applying for nationally competitive scholarships.

      Title of Award Granted:

      LEAP Grant

      Name of Institution that Granted the Award:

      University of North Georgia