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Recent Research involving Education efforts to Reduce Recidivism

Recidivism has been an area of investigation for many decades. Often producing questionable if not negligible results, researchers continue to search for factors that may offer a pathway to success. Historically, these efforts centered on education and vocational training. Recently, in 2013, an approach was introduced providing the opportunity for a new direction in recidivism research. This new model, titled "Reentry Education," was tested multiple times in several correctional institutions. Results of these studies are compiled here to discover opportunities for improving program delivery. This study centers on delivery settings and the various barriers found therein. We seek to discover the most effective setting for recidivism programs, to include conditions found in local jails, and those found in state prisons. The findings from this study will offer insight into the problems facing program administrators, and offer suggestions for design revision. The goal is to discover solutions to this potential barrier to recidivism success.


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  • Subject
    • Criminal Justice

  • Institution
    • Dahlonega

  • Event location
    • Library Technology Center 382

  • Event date
    • 24 March 2017

  • Date submitted

    19 July 2022

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    • Acknowledgements:

      Stuart Batchelder