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In my paper, I will discuss how modern artificial intelligence (AI) may be able to gain self-awareness through a developmental phase. The developmental phase starts at the AI’s creation. The phase is developed and refined the more it interacts with humans. The first section will consist of the history of AI. The history section will include Alan Turing, a computer scientist that introduces the Turing Test, also known as the Imitation Test, which is a test that was created to determine if computer systems could gain intelligence I will also provide a definition of self-awareness, consciousness, and intelligence in relation to this topic. Finally, this, presentation will address the debate involving the possibility that AI could gain thought and consciousness by examining the difference between the two terms. It will examine the connection between thinking and consciousness. In conclusion I will connect the previously mentioned evidence to present an argument of why A.I. can possess self-awareness.


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19 Jul 2022
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    • 3 November 2018

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    19 July 2022