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This project was an initial effort to connect BSN nursing students with current legislative activity conducted by professional nursing organizations. A SWOT (Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats) analysis was conducted to examine the involvement of nurses and nursing students in legislative advocacy. Strengths: As a whole, nurses are a trusted profession with a large body of members. In addition, nurses are passionate and their legislative priorities are issues that not only affect nurses, but are aimed at improving patient care as well. Weaknesses: Communication can be perceived as a challenge, which is demonstrated by nurses feeling uninformed about legislative actions currently in motion, leading them to work outside of their professional organization. Professional nursing organizations face challenges in presenting a unified voice. Opportunities: If nurses can unify through their professional organization and become politically active through the right channels, this improved professional communication would have lasting benefits. Threats: Threats to nurses and nursing students in legislative efforts include lack of experience with the intricacies and culture of politics. Recommendations: The SWOT analysis led to three recommendations for improved nurse and nursing student involvement in the legislative process: improving communication between professional organizations and its members, fostering a culture of communication and support between nursing organizations, and equipping nursing students with knowledge about the legislative process and effective ways for them to become engaged in advocacy.


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