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Elf Orpine (Diamorpha smallii) is an endemic plant in the southeastern portion of the United States. One of its unique characteristics is its ability to grow and thrive in otherwise inhospitable environments. With this study, the possible methods by which D. smallii thrives will be investigated. A theorized possibility is the presence of endophytes living within the tissue of the D. smallii. To isolate and identify this endophyte, samples will be taken off the main body of the plant, with the outer tissue layer killed. This modified sample will then be placed agar plates, allowing the endophyte to grow out of the dead tissue of the D. smallii. The endophyte will then be isolated and sent for genetic analysis. The results of the genetic analysis could further research into creating drought resistant plants, plants that can thrive in nutrient poor environments, and plants that can endure higher temperatures.


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  • Alternative title
    • Relations Between an Unknown Endophyte and Elf Orphine

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    • McCaskill, Ashlee
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      • English

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      • Biology

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      • Botany

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      • Dahlonega

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      • University of North Georgia

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      17 February 2023

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