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Could you imagine being able to travel quickly from one place to another? The world doesn’t need to be spending billions of dollars on rockets to send supplies to space. There are many other benefits of teleportation, like transportation and communication. No matter what the distance is, your text will send instantly. Our society is on the edge of a technological breakthrough due to quantum findings.

The basis for the research goal is large object entanglement. We have already proven that quantum entanglement exists through countless experiments. So how could we entangle large objects with much more than a few particles? This is the experimental question and goal to be obtained through research.

It was found that classical entanglement violates certain laws of quantum mechanics. It was suggested that object physics isn’t limited to just classical and quantum physics. There must be an alternative group. For ease of reference, it will be called special physics. The Bell’s Theorem was hypothesized to not be true for the sake of this research. The special physics must have a different group of laws than we are used to. Laws that we have never heard of before. It is on of the biggest gray areas, if not the biggest in science today.

In this research so far, the goal hasn’t been reached. Although nobody can make a Nobel-prize breakthrough in a couple weeks, an answer will be reached sooner or later.

Keywords: Quantum Teleportation, Entanglement, Quantum mechanics, Particles, Protons, Neutrons, Electrons, Space Travel, Teleport, Instantly


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    • 3 November 2018

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