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Grammar, Technology, and a Bit of Evolution

Technology has become an intricate part of our society; however, its impacts on education may run deeper than originally expected, especially in academic writing classes. In order to uncover technology’s impact on writing and consider the advantages and disadvantages of using technology, I describe the research of scholars Cynthia Selfe, Tim McGee, and Patricia Ericsson. These authors and their inspiring work reveal the benefits and drawbacks of technology, its overuse and underuse, how it has shaped our society, and ultimately, how it has shaped writing instruction. In my presentation, I argue that technology can be extremely useful—if used in moderation. In order to save and enhance our literacy experiences, teachers should utilize technology since it will be a useful skill when students enter the workforce, but teachers should also emphasize grammatical skills by employing handwritten essays. Through this research and analysis, I discovered that technology can be harmful as well as helpful, but in all, it is how it is used. It is up to us as students and teachers to use technology to our fullest advantage without crippling our grammar and writing development.

Keywords: technology, grammar, education


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18 Jul 2022
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