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Kenny Malaney

English 1102h / K. Redding

Research Proposal

23 February, 2016

Applications of Conscious Humanoid Robots

Previously, humanoid robots with consciousness have just been a figment of science fiction, but could this fiction turn into reality and help us in the future? Whether it be taking the place of soldiers in the frontline or helping a doctor in the medical field, there are many applications for these humanoid robots. My research will examine the potential for humanoid robots in the future and their integration into our modern lives. Having a robot who is self-aware greatly differs from a robot who is not. Being self-aware means that you have the ability to respond to situations without needing a program. Most robots are programmed to pursue a single continuous task and are not yet self-aware. Could programming a robot to be self-aware benefit the human race? I believe it would be revolutionary.

My research will pursue the future implications of conscious humanoid robots and how they will affect our society in a positive manner. I will use Brains, Behavior, and Robotics­ Albus by James Sacra and Breaking the Wall to Living Robots as sources to accumulate vast knowledge on this particular subject matter about the many implications of these conscious humanoid robots. By having the ability to program a machine to become self-aware, the possibilities are endless. These robots will be able to solve problems beyond our human capacity and knowledge, as well as help drive advancements in the medical field and military arena.


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  • Subject
    • Computer Science & Information Systems

  • Institution
    • Oconee

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    • Nesbitt 3204

  • Event date
    • 25 March 2016

  • Date submitted

    18 July 2022

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    • Acknowledgements:

      Katherine Redding