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Classical State Information is the information of a state of a system in classical mechanics. Classical mechanics includes important information that can be divided into three categories: Statics, Dynamics, and Kinetics. Though all this information is important, the focus of our study was on position and momentum. Specifically, the primary focus of this research was on the correlated motion of proteins. Different motions in proteins allow for different biological processes to take place. The protein Ubiquitin (UBQ1) was analyzed as a test case. To analyze this classical state information, an algorithm was created using information theory. Information theory can be defined as the mathematical study of the coding of information in the form of sequences of symbols, impulses, etc., and how rapidly such information can be transmitted. A script was written to input the position and trajectory of a protein and calculate the momentum of the protein. Then, the algorithm is applied, and the position and momentum of the protein is analyzed and plotted.


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19 Jul 2022
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