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The Alpha Upsilon Phi chapter of Sigma Tau Delta is housed on the University of North Georgia’s Gainesville campus. Since the chapter was founded in 2014, they have become the epicenter of the English Department’s student life. In their short tenure, they have recruited over 100 members, traveled to 5 conventions, received funding for 2 service projects, received a society service award, and instituted three of their members into national leadership positions. Because the executive board is comprised of students, turnover occurs frequently. These transition periods are awkward and leave new officers feeling unprepared. To address these concerns and ensure the Alpha Upsilon Phi chapter continues to thrive, I propose a three point plan to improve the procedures of the chapter advisors and the executive board. First, I propose an annual New Officer Orientation meeting. To support this effort, I created a New Officer Orientation Guide and a sample agenda for the proposed meeting. Second, I provide an agenda for an annual Strategic Planning Meeting where the board will set specific goals and delegate responsibilities. Finally, I provide a system for submitting End-of-Year Reports, a simple but consistent means of communication during the annual board transition. With the continued support of the dedicated Chapter Advisors and the implementation of these proposed changes, the chapter will undoubtedly continue to build their legacy as an outstanding example of leadership and service.


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19 Jul 2022
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    19 July 2022

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