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After discussing the problem of scanning small fauna in the UNG 3D printing lab with Dr. J.B. Sharma, we collectively set out to conduct a research project to determine the quality and accuracy in replicating insects using a cellphone camera and Agisoft, a photogrammetry-based software. A photogrammetry guide to mount the phone controlling lateral and forward overlap was built with woodworking and the Boss Laser. With this guide, 3 insects were scanned, analyzed, and measured within Meshmixer, 3D modeling software, and compared to the originals for accessing the accuracy of the generated 3D model. According to my findings, this method of insect model creation produced a more elaborate model than previous attempts made by the university lab. Existing problems are solvable with an upgrade in the photogrammetric guide’s technology.


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19 Jul 2022
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    • Computer Science & Information Systems

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    • Gainesville

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    • 22 March 2019

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    19 July 2022

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      J.B. Sharma