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The 1930s and 1940s were complicated times economically, both domestically and abroad. The Great Depression began in the United States in late 1929, and did not end until domestic production ramped up during World War II. Although World War II was helpful to the U.S. economy, the same cannot be said for all industries of the time. World War II greatly impacted business in the film industry as the foreign market began to shrink. Walt Disney, was no exception, even after experiencing inordinate success with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Many aspects of the Disney Animators’ Strike of 1941 and the formation of United Productions of America span multiple generative mechanisms, but some, such as the economic mechanisms, hold a greater impact. This research project will explore and analyze the generative mechanisms that lead to the Disney Animators’ Strike of 1941 and the subsequent formation of the United Productions of America.


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18 Jul 2022
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    • Visual Arts

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    • Gainesville

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    • Nesbitt 3101

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    • 25 March 2016

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    18 July 2022

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      Dr. Jeff Marker