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“Di-atomic”- Embossed Collagraph


My interest in art came from my father, who is a retired police officer. He is also an artist, who used to draw composite sketches and sculpt forensic facial reconstructions for his department. Much of what I know today, came from the basic art skills he taught me from childhood in both drawing and sculpting.

Before college I served in the Air Force as a member of Security Forces, where I was trained in the use of 7 different weapons, as well as explosives. It was a challenging adventure in my life, that also gave me the intestinal fortitude that I needed to stay strong, mentally and physically to achieve my goals.

Today, I have an AA in Anthropology with an emphasis in Archaeology and Biology and I am currently in the process of completing a BA in Digital Art at the University of North Georgia. With this degree, I am interested in pursuing a career in 3D animation or game design.

“The Scientific Method” is utilized in conjunction with the production of printmaking and design as the content of the project was compiled as a work of art that included science and discovery. The research for materials for any artist is important. The mediums that were used to create the stain and the imprint were also discovered as the variations were developed. This information is then used to support future methods in the process of crafting. This print has many variations which led to many hypotheses and experiments. As part of the process the paper was soaked to give the imprint of the embossed collagraph its high ridges and crisp lines. This depth was important so that the paper would concave into the grooves under the pressure and leave the convex imprint behind. It is after these initial prints that the artist analyzes the data and determines the possible outcome of future experimentation. Out of the first of three, this image of "Di-atomic" is just one of the results of this process. This image is comprised of the beautiful microscopic algae, called Diatoms. I chose the name "Di-atomic" because of the multifaceted nature of the Diatom, as they seem to explode with beauty and color. It is with this print that I sought to create a way for the visually impaired to experience the microscopic world and visualize its beauty and wonder with their fingertips.

My hope is to encourage others to produce for both the eyes, the body and the mind, so that 2D artwork can become not just a visual experience, but also a tactile one.


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19 Jul 2022
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