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Introduction: The purpose of this study is to examine breastfeeding rates and provider lactation education received by Army families in the North Georgia area. The researchers hope to analyze breastfeeding rates and lactation education to provide a better understanding if lactation education is associated with increased breastfeeding rates among North Georgia Army families. With the decision to breastfeed, are Army families in the North Georgia area, who have had lactation education by any healthcare provider compared to those who have not, more likely to breastfeed?

Literature Review: 12 Peer reviewed research articles were reviewed and provide the background for this study.

Methodology: A survey method will be used via the Dahlonega Army Wives Facebook page. The survey will be voluntary and will remain open for two weeks. Exclusions include: male participants, anyone under the age of 18, not having children or having only adopted children. SPSS system utilizing Chi Square was used to analyze the collected data obtained from the survey.

Discussion of Results: Due to the small sample size (N=10), there was no relationship that was able to be acknowledged from the quantitative data. However, there was a few areas noted for future study. The first being that 40% of the respondents were not aware of the benefits with Tricare for breastfeeding mothers. Also an area to be considered for future research is the reasons as to why women choose one feeding method over another.

Conclusion: More research is needed to evaluate what is the most effective method of lactation education for mothers who are insured by Tricare to most effectively increase breastfeeding rates in this population.


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