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Religious fundamentalism often inspires images of men in turbans holding guns or others holding signs proclaiming God’s hatred for homosexuality. While these are strong examples of the concept there are other ways that conservative views of religion can be harmful to both individuals and the society they belong to. Terrorism and social exclusion are issues filled with hate and bigotry that may seem to many as black and white. However, black and white issues rarely cause as many long lasting problems as those that are less easily defined as right or wrong. Issues such a conscientious objection of medical treatment based on religious beliefs and educational curriculum modeled around local religious morals often have many unforeseen consequences. While the choice to pursue medical treatment for a child with diabetes is a legal right of a parent, how many gangrenous limbs later does it become a social issue? If a school's sexual eduaction focuses on absitence only on account of the locally popular conservative christian opposition to premarital sex, why do teen pregnencies skyrocket? This piece explores the dangers of Religious Fundamentalism in relation to issues that are not as clearly right or wrong.


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    • English

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    • Oconee

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    • SRC 522

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    • 2 April 2015

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    18 July 2022

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      Chris Barnes