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The Film that could have Prevented Wars

The purpose for this paper is to explore the impact that my film of choice had on the common American and what its message was towards U.S. conflict with the middle east. My film of choice for this project is the 1962 masterpiece "Lawrence of Arabia" directed by David Lean and written by the black-listed Hollywood screenwriter Michael Wilson. This film shows the real life story of a man by the name of T.E. Lawrence. It provided insight and understanding to the people about our previous and current situations with the middle east. I wish to dive deep into both sections of this film and expose the American presence that has always loomed in the Middle East.

The question that I want to bring about is how the rest of the world viewed the United States not only during both World Wars but in the 60s era as well where Western criticism was seen far and wide. This film perfectly links the two cultures and it provides us with a protagonist who can represent a common citizen who is put in the middle of everything and can clearly see both sides and sympathize with either. This film opened the eyes of Americans nationwide. There is a reason it was brought back to theatres everywhere in 1991 and again in 2003 during both invasions of Iraq by the United States. This proves that the powerful message portrayed in this film applies to current times concerning the United States and Middle East.


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