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This project involves describing in simplistic terms the innovations of quantum computing and how modern cryptography works. The goal of this project is to show the effect of quantum computers on cryptography efforts, specifically in the area of decrypting encoded information and searching communications for traffic analysis, as well as the effect this will have on the United States Intelligence Community. This has been done through detailed explanation of quantum mechanics, quantum computing, modern cryptography and its history, all of which is followed by an in-depth analysis of the expected effects upon the United States Intelligence Community. Upon examination and summary of this research, it is made clear that quantum computers, while an impressive innovation in computing technology, have profound abilities in decryption which are unmatched by bit-based computers. This leaves a concerning lack of security for secure communications, which is profoundly important for the United States Intelligence Community, as well as national security as a whole. Through showing these innovations and potential threats, as well as potential solutions, this research highlights the importance of quantum computers on a world stage set for drastic change.


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  • Subject
    • Computer Science & Information Systems

  • Institution
    • Dahlonega

  • Event location
    • Floor

  • Event date
    • 22 March 2019

  • Date submitted

    19 July 2022

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    • Acknowledgements:

      Dr. Bryson Payne