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This study is designed to examine the attitudes of discrimination against sexual orientation and ethnicity on the North Georgia College & State University campus. The researchers predict that males will exhibit more statistically significant amounts of discriminatory attitudes against sexual orientation and ethnicity than will females after analyzing the vignette questionnaires. There will be a sample total of 120 [(60 females and 60 males)] undergraduate students. The six versions of the vignette will differ only by race (Caucasian, African American, and Latino) and sexual orientation (heterosexual and non-heterosexual) of the described target. Each vignette will be shown to twenty students. Demographics including major, minor, school group affiliation, and age will be collected to evaluate for possible significance. [Poster]


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    • Library Technology Center 3rd Floor Open Area

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    • 29 March 2012

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    18 July 2022

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      Steven Lloyd and Ryan Shanks